file bug reports for the android mobile app

file bug reports for the android mobile app

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Where can I file bug reports for the android mobile app?
Model: Droid X
Background: App installed, icon is blue after waiting a few hours, I can successfully make outgoing calls.
1) When attempting to dial out with the keypad via the cellphone provider's network, the ooma app pops up a box about it crashing asking to force close or send a report, not sure why its getting in the way of making regular phone calls. I sent a report in after I verified its a consistent reproducible bug. This doesn't happen when using phone numbers stored in contacts.
2) When making an outgoing call via ooma, the ooma app locks up and won't let me disconnect the call, meanwhile I watch my ooma minutes disappearing on the call timer. Have to hit the home button and re-enter the app then hit menu exit to stop the call.
Feature Request:
1) Preference option that lets you choose to be taken directly to the ooma contact/phone screen when tapping the icon so you can get to making your call quicker instead of hitting the phone button on the ooma menu.
Yes, I realize I'm only saving one click, however the app is installed on my wife's phone and the only way I can expect her to migrate to ooma is if making calls via ooma is as easy as making calls via the provider. Right now with these bugs and without the quick phone call feature the app is a roadblock not a convenience. I've had to force quit the app to keep it out of the way of daily use, when the bugs are fixed I'll give it another shot.

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Thank you.
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